Daily Vitality Gift Set

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Daily Vitality Gift Set

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This gift set is the perfect way to boost your energy and support calm and balance throughout the day.


drops of balance 

Our award winning drops of balance help you unwind and bring calm to those chaotic moments. Packed with active and effective ingredients. Simply pop under your tongue as needed throughout the day.

drops of vitality 

Containing high levels of Vitamin B6 and B12 to help reduce tiredness and fatigue this liquid supplement gets to work fast. Start your day with a boost of natural energy and top up when needed throughout the day.

balance herbal tea infusion

Our loose leaf tea infusion contains 100% organic ingredients that are ethically sourced and widely used for their healthcare benefits.

Glass tea infuser

Watch our loose leaf tea infuse the hot water or add fresh mint leaves to your infuser. Convenient and easy to use.