Supreme Sleep Gift Set

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Supreme Sleep Gift Set

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Give the gift of supreme sleep. This collection includes:

drops of slumber+ 

Our multi award winning and best selling dreamy tincture. Switch off and drift off for a great nights rest. Packed with active and effective ingredients. Simply pop under your tongue or dilute in a small amount of water 20 minutes before bed. 

100% organic bamboo eye mask

Soft and temperature regulating, this 100% organic bamboo eye mask blocks out light for the perfect nights slumber. 

slumber+ herbal infusion

A dreamy, naturally caffeine free tea infusion to help you unwind and drift off after a long day. Our loose leaf tea infusion contains 100% organic ingredients that are ethically sourced and widely used for their healthcare benefits.

Glass tea infuser

Watch our loose leaf tea infuse the hot water or add fresh mint leaves to your infuser. Convenient and easy to use.