How should I take the liquid supplements?

  • The best way to take our liquid supplements is to put half a pipette directly under the tongue and swallow (usage guidelines vary per product and can be found on product pages and on the packaging).

  • Alternatively dilute in a small amount of water.

  • Some of our community add them to smoothies, breakfast bowls and energy balls.

Can I take all of your supplements together? 

  • life armour products have been formulated to work synergistically together for optimum results.

  • You can take the capsules together in the morning or split between morning and lunchtime, whatever suits your routine best. 

  • The liquid supplements can also be taken in the morning or throughout the day depending on what suits you.

  • Often our community have the liquids on their desk side or in their bag to have on the go.

How long will it be until I notice changes?

  • Our liquids get to work very quickly and some feel a difference within 15 minutes to an hour (especially for drops of balance).

  • For drops of slumber+ you may notice a difference quite quickly but for some it’s about being consistent and using each night to feel a difference. We recommend you start with half a pipette and increase to 1 pipette if required.

  • For the capsules customers tend to notice a difference between 2-4 weeks when taken regularly. If you forget a few days don’t worry just get back to being consistent as soon as you can. Leaving the capsules jars out is a great reminder.

Can I take drops of slumber+ if I wake up in the night?

  • Yes you can. We recommend you take half a pipette. It is fine to “top up” even if you took some before going to bed.

The pipette won’t always reach the liquid at the bottom. How can I get this out?

  • Simply pour the liquid on to a spoon and take this way.

I have had some sensitivities to other supplements in the past. Will this be the same with life armour products?

  • If you have experienced sensitivities to supplements in the past, suffer from intolerances or experience complicated health issues you should always start with a lower does and gradually build up over time. We recommend building up over 2-4 weeks slowly. 

  • If you are taking any medication it is important that you consult your doctor before using to check for any contraindications.  

Can I take life armour with my medication?

  • We always recommend that you speak to your doctor before taking supplements to check there are no contraindications.

Are your products sugar free?

  • You will not find any artificial sweeteners, added sugar or flavourings in any of our products. We only use natural and vegan friendly ingredients. The vegetable glycerine helps to cover some of the bitterness of the ingredients and provides a bit of the sweetness you may taste. We also use natural flavourings such as peppermint, blackcurrant and elderberry. 

Can I take life armour when pregnant or breast feeding?

  • We do not recommend taking our supplements when pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Is it safe to take super me+ when trying to conceive?

  • Yes it is. However if you are pregnant you should stop taking any life armour supplement. 

How does Subscribe & Save work?

  • life armour’s Subscribe & Save was created to bring you a hassle-free way of staying stocked up on your favourite life armour supplements. We’ve listed how it works below, then simply go to Subscribe & Save to get started.
  • Log in to your life armour account to make sure you earn Calm points on all your subscriptions. You can log in or register your account here.

  • Choose one of more products to subscribe to, on the Subscribe & Save page. By subscribing, you’ll receive a 15% ongoing discount. Yes that means you save 15% each month
  • Choose your quantity as well as how often you’d like your order to be sent to you. Most of our products offer a 30 day supply when following our recommended dosages. However drops of balance may be needed more frequently depending how many times a day you take it.
    • You are able to change the delivery frequency if you are running low.

  • Then checkout as normal.

  • Your subscription will then be live, processing your first order as well as setting up future orders to be sent to you automatically with the time and quantity of your choice. 

How can I make changes to my subscription? 

  • By registering or logging in to your life armour account, you’ll be able to manage your subscriptions now as well as in the future. You can make changes to your subscription including billing or shipping address information. 

Can I skip my subscription this month?

  • Yes you can. With life armour Subscribe & Save, it’s easy to manage your active subscriptions by logging into your account, clicking on ‘Manage Subscriptions’ and skipping to a future subscription date.

Will my subscription payment be automatically processed on my behalf?

  • Yes. By signing up to our Subscribe & Save, you’ll get a 15% discount on your favourite products and they’ll be automatically processed without you having to submit orders each time. Reliable and convenient.

What if I need to cancel my subscription? 

  • That’s no problem at all. Simply log in to your life armour account and head to ‘Manage Subscription’. From there you’ll be able to skip a subscription or cancel completely.

Why can’t I log into my customer account?

  • We recommend registering and logging into your life armour account before placing an order so you can receive Calm points with every purchase. There may be a couple different reasons why you may be having difficulty logging into your account.

  • You may have registered your account and placed your order under an alternative email address - in this case we’d recommend checking any additional email addresses you may have.

  • You may have placed your order and checked out as a ‘Guest’ - in this case we’d recommend registering for an account and emailing the team at hello@lifearmour.co.uk with your previous order numbers to hand. 

  • You may have registered a subscription account whilst checking out as a ‘Guest’ - if this has occurred, we recommend registering for an account here and emailing our team at hello@lifearmour.co.uk who can assist you.

What are Calm points?

  • Calm points are life armour rewards awarded to you every time you make a purchase! Every £1 spent earns you 2 points, which can give you rewards such as free shipping and discounts. 

  • Be sure to register and log in to your life armour account before making a purchase, or else you won’t receive your Calm points.

  • For more information on our Calm points, visit our Rewards page

Is your product packaging recyclable?

  • We’re proud to confirm all of our packaging is fully recyclable - from the glass bottles, to the pouches and the delivery packaging your order arrives in.

  • We recommend reusing where possible, such as our capsule jars, which is why we have a pouch option for our capsules for you to refill your pots for future use. 
  • If you’re unable to reuse the life armour packaging, we’d recommend separating the materials before popping into your recycling bin. For tincture bottles, please rinse out first and leave to air dry before recycling, to avoid contaminating other recyclable materials.

Is life armour sustainable?

  • Sustainability is important to us, and this is something we’re actively working on to make sure we’re doing our part towards the bigger picture that is a happier, healthier planet for us all. 
  • All of our products are natural and vegan.

  • We use FSC certified card for our product packaging.
  • We use between 8-15% recycled glass within our glass bottles and jars.
  • All of our product and delivery packaging are 100% recyclable.

Paying by Klarna - what is Klarna?

  • We’ve partnered with Swedish payment service provider Klarna to give you a better shopping experience. Klarna helps you elevate your shopping game and takes end-to-end responsibility for your payment.

  • Klarna is the provider of smooth payments to more than 200,000 online stores and over 85 million consumers worldwide have trusted Klarna to securely handle their payments.
  • When you choose Klarna at checkout, you’ll get the option to shop now and pay later for your purchase.

Pay in 30 days

  • Make your purchase today and start enjoying what you’ve ordered right away. Pay up to 30 days after shipping and enjoy payment empowerment and peace of mind. No interest. No fees.

How to shop with Klarna

  • Add item(s) to your cart and head to the checkout.

  • Select Klarna at the checkout to pay as you like for your purchase.

  • Manage your orders and payments in the Klarna app.

Will paying by Klarna impact my credit score? 

  • Klarna may run a soft credit search that does not affect a customers credit score and is only visible on your credit file by you and Klarna.

Please spend responsibility. Borrowing more than you can afford could seriously affect your financial status. Make sure you can afford your monthly repayments on time.

For more information on Klarna, visit the Klarna website or contact their customer service support.



For further information on life armour please contact us at hello@lifearmour.co.uk