How should I take the tinctures?

  • The best way to take our tinctures is to put half a pipette directly under the tongue and swallow (usage guidelines vary per product and can be found on product pages and on the packaging).

  • Alternatively dilute in a small amount of water.

  • Some of our community make energy balls and add some of the tincture liquid to these. Others add to smoothies and breakfast bowls.

Can I take all of your supplements together? 

  • life armour products have been formulated to work synergistically together for optimum results.

  • You can take the capsules together in the morning or split between morning and lunchtime, whatever suits your routine best. 

  • The tinctures can also be taken in the morning or throughout the day depending on what suits you.

  • Often our community have the tinctures on their desk side or in their bag to have on the go.

How long will it be until I notice changes?

  • Our tinctures get to work very quickly and some feel a difference within 15 minutes to an hour (especially for drops of balance).

  • For drops of slumber+ you may notice a difference quite quickly but for some it’s about being consistent and using each night to feel a difference. We recommend you start with half a pipette and increase to 1 pipette if required.

  • For the capsules customers tend to notice a difference between 2-4 weeks when taken regularly. If you forget a few days don’t worry just get back to being consistent as soon as you can. Leaving the capsules pots out is a great reminder.

Can I take drops of slumber+ if I wake up in the night?

  • Yes you can. We recommend you take half a pipette. It is fine to “top up” even if you took some before going to bed.

The pipette won’t always reach the liquid at the bottom. How can I get this out?

  • Simply pour the liquid on to a spoon and take this way.

I have had some sensitivities to other supplements in the past. Will this be the same with life armour products?

  • If you have experienced sensitivities to supplements in the past, suffer from intolerances or experience complicated health issues you should always start with a lower does and gradually build up over time. We recommend building up over 2-4 weeks slowly. 

  • If you are taking any medication it is important that you consult your doctor before using to check for any contraindications.  

Can I take life armour with my medication?

  • We always recommend that you speak to your doctor before taking supplements to check there are no contraindications.

Are your tinctures sugar free?

  • You will not find any artificial sweeteners, added sugar or flavourings in any of our tinctures. We only use natural and vegan friendly ingredients. The vegetable glycerine helps to cover some of the bitterness of the ingredients and provides a bit of the sweetness you may taste. We also use natural flavourings such as peppermint, blackcurrant and elderberry. 

Can I take life armour when pregnant or breast feeding?

  • We do not recommend taking our supplements when pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Is it safe to take super me+ when trying to conceive?

  • Yes it is. However if you are pregnant you should stop taking any life armour supplement. 

For further information please contact us at hello@lifearmour.co.uk