Sustainability we partner with Just One Tree

We believe in helping to protect our planet for a brighter future.

We ensure that all our packaging is 100% recyclable and source our cardboard from FSC sources.

We also partner with Just One Tree, each month contributing to planting trees, mangroves and regenerating kelp forests.

It's not just about dramatically reducing carbon emissions, we need to reach net negative emissions to keep Global Warming to less than 1.5-2 degrees.


We need to remove and store more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we put in to it. We do this by planting trees.


                 Sea kelp as a blue carbon sink    

Blue carbon sinks-kelp forests

Kelp is a diverse eco system helping to absorb CO2 to allow it to grow. It is the fastest growing "tree" on our planet growing up to half a metre per day.

However rising sea temperatures have wiped out kelp forests by up to 95%.

Just One Tree partner with The Climate Foundation, working to remove carbon from the oceans through kelp forest regeneration. 

             Planting Mangroves with Just One Tree

Planting Mangroves 

Mangroves can store four times as much carbon as land based forests making them one of the most effective trees to plant to off set carbon emissions. 

Planted in Madagascar by local communities, helping to support both the environment and local villagers, with long term employment and improved livelihoods. 

            Planting trees with Just One Tree

Planting Trees 

Trees are essential to our eco system, from absorbing pollutants, cleaning the air we breathe, filtering water, housing wildlife and providing jobs to over one billion people.

Yet de-forestation has left many countries with depressingly low trees per capita degrading lands that have never recovered.

Just One Tree work with key countries where deforestation is a challenge, not only helping to grow new forests but support local communities regenerate the land and income in a more sustainable way.