Our Experts


Meet Dr Christie Lewis

I am an NHS GP and a Private Health & Life Coach as well as recently becoming a new Mum. I have extensive knowledge in the areas of Sleep, Stress, Exercise, Health, Wellbeing, Anxiety & Burnout. Having suffered from burnout myself, I am incredibly passionate about helping busy professionals and mums avoid burn out by focussing on health and happiness. 

Having previously qualified as a Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist as well as currently completing an Applied Nutrition Diploma I fully believe in an integrated approach to health and wellbeing.

I am excited to be working along side life armour as they share the same core values: to help people optimise their health and wellbeing in simple and effective ways.



Meet Sara Jackson Registered Nutritionist & Natropath MBANT

I am a Registered Nutritionist & Natropath with my own practice SJ Health as well as consulting with The Optimum Health Clinic in London who specialise in Chronic Fatigue/ ME and Fibromylagia. I also sit on various expert panels and support several large corporates on employee wellbeing. 

I am passionate about the power of nutrition and got to where I am today because I was diagnosed with stage 2 Cervical Cancer two years after the birth of my beautiful daughter. I thought I lived a pretty healthy, if fast paced life but my stress levels, intense work, environmental and lifestyle factors left me vulnerable. I used both conventional and complementary medicine to reclaim my good health.

I recommend life armour to my clients as I find their formulations, combining proven vitamins and minerals with adaptogens to be effective. I also like the fact they are free from unnecessary bulking agents and believe in their ethos.