Our Founder

Does going into a health shop feel like a science exam? You know there’s an answer, but there are so many pills and potions set out in front of you that it’s easier to leave the store and just keep on walking.
That was the experience of life armour®  founder Marishka Dunlop and many of the women she spoke to. Everyone was on a quest for better health and improved wellness, but getting there was more challenging than a rush-hour commute.
Selecting the right supplements was only half the battle, as the more research Marishka did, she found that quality was not always guaranteed.
Marishka worked with women and leading experts to create a range she believed in and you can trust.  

life armour® represents a collaboration between real women, expert scientists and ethical manufacturers. It is the result of our sheer determination that your bodies are given exactly what they need and nothing more.