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A kinesiologist's tips to managing stress

What happens when we’re in a stress state? When we become stressed, we move into our sympathetic nervous system, or what is more commonly known as ‘fight or flight’. When we’re in this state it takes a conscious effort to bring us back into our parasympathetic nervous system, what is known as ‘rest and digest’.

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Why is Magnesium important?

Magnesium is an important mineral required by the body in order for it to stay healthy. Many health experts recommend a diet rich in magnesium for a variety of health benefits, and here you'll read a few reasons why magnesium is an important nutrient to nourish your mind and body with.

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Why Pilates is good for you with Chloe

Discover the many benefits of pilates with qualified instructor Chloe. Here she shares her journey. Check out her on-line programme and see the benefits for yourself, from quick 15 minute work outs to longer ones when time allows.

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