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life armour: Our sustainability and environmental footprint

As I started on the journey to create the life armour brand, not only was I focussed on finding high quality ingredients and working with the most reputable suppliers. Our packaging materials, their sustainability and minimising our environmental footprint were all equally important. We have carefully considered every detail of our packaging to minimise our environmental impact.

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5 positive habits to boost your energy levels

Here’s the thing with having more energy (or having no energy), it’s nearly always due to lifestyle choices. From the food you eat, the amount and quality of sleep you get, how frequently you exercise and whether you take time out to relax and unwind all play a crucial role in how much energy you have.

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Adapto-what? Adaptogens explained and why they work.

Adaptogens are bio-plant actives, such as roots, mushrooms and herbs, grown in extreme conditions in which they adapt to survive. Used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine, they increase our bodies ability to counter-act the damaging effects of stress, bringing the body back in to balance.

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