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National Stress Day: 7 proven ways to beat stress all year round

Stress seems to be something so many of us live with on a daily basis with the increasing demands of modern life. When we are stressed, cortisol (a stress hormone) is released from the adrenal glands. Whilst back in the day this helped us survive in “fight or flight “mode, increasing and prolonged high cortisol levels can have a detrimental effect on our health. From those which may seem more obvious like weight gain and tiredness to impaired brain function, being more prone to infections and increased risk of high blood pressure. Here’s our top tips on how to manage stress naturally-see which ones take your fancy. Mix it up depending on what works for you at different times. And...

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life armour: Our sustainability and environmental footprint

As I started on the journey to create the life armour brand, not only was I focussed on finding high quality ingredients and working with the most reputable suppliers. Our packaging materials, their sustainability and minimising our environmental footprint were all equally important. We have carefully considered every detail of our packaging to minimise our environmental impact. Capsule cartons We could have opted for amber glass jars, after all they are the industry standard and would protect the capsule inside. But we discovered that our high performing formulations could be equally protected using cardboard cartons that are 100% recyclable and use less energy than recycling glass. It will come as no surprise that cardboard is lighter than glass jars, which...

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5 positive habits to boost your energy levels

Personal trainer and Energy Coach Emily Turnbull shares 5 daily habits that will help you shake off fatigue without the need for caffeine. Here’s the thing with having more energy (or having no energy), it’s nearly always due to lifestyle choices. From the food you eat, the amount and quality of sleep you get, how frequently you exercise and whether you take time out to relax and unwind all play a crucial role in how much energy you have. Whilst in most cases, you have control over your lifestyle choices I know that it’s sometimes harder to make healthy choices. For example when you are busy, stressed and tired like so many of us are, this can make us less motivated,...

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Adapto-what? Adaptogens explained and why they work.

We are all living dynamic lives, trying to catch up with friends, keep fit and eat well around the demands of our jobs, family and general life admin. It’s no wonder that we often feel there are not enough hours in the day. Even for the most energetic, at times we can feel tired, stressed and overwhelmed.   When we don’t address this, it can lead to more serious stress related health problems such as chronic fatigue syndrome and anxiety. This is where adaptogens can help and it’s easy to incorporate them in to your daily habits. What are adaptogens? Adaptogens are bio-plant actives, such as roots, mushrooms and herbs, grown in extreme conditions in which they adapt to survive. Used...

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