3 ways to beat Christmas burn out

3 ways to beat Christmas burn out

Christmas is nearly here which means plenty of excitement buzzing in the air. Time off work, catching up with friends and family, festive food and treats not to mention the anticipation of little ones eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa.

So, what's not to like?

For many Christmas can be a source of stress and leave you feeling frazzled.

High expectations to make everything perfect, not to mention increased workload on top of the normal daily tasks and family dynamics (say no more!). You may also find yourself run down the moment you simply stop!

In this article we give 3 simple tips to try and avoid festive burnout.

1. Build up your immunity

Enjoy the festive food and sweet treats in moderation and balance them out with plant of fresh fruit and vegetables. Don't forget to drink plenty of water. Whilst it's not always easy when entertaining or visiting friends and family, try to start the day with a bowl of porridge and fresh fruit. Try to snack on nuts instead of lots of chocolate! 

2. Place importance on sleep

Whilst there will be late nights catching up with friends and family, try to set aside time to re-charge and get a good nights rest. Make sure you drink plenty of water before bed, especially if you’ve been enjoying a few drinks.

 If you struggles to switch off, try our 100% natural  drops of slumber to ease you in to a good nights rest. Melt in to bed and let drops of slumber do the rest.



3. Get outside 

Endless tidying and preparing for the next visitors, or driving from one place to another can be overwhelming and sap your energy. Delegate a few of the must do tasks and take some time to get outside to clear the mind. Just a short brisk walk will leave you feeling invigorated and ready for the next round of socialising!