4 ways to stay happy & healthy as a parent by Dr Chrisite Lewis

4 ways to stay happy & healthy as a parent by Dr Chrisite Lewis

This Children's Mental health week, we shine a spot light on the importance for parents to look after their own mental health to be able to support their family's needs.

If we don't prioritise ourselves it can affect both our mental and physical health which can lead to burn out and have a knock on impact to family life.

Our in house expert and new mum Dr Christie Lewis shares her insights in to the importance of prioritising our own wellbeing as well as 4 key areas we should aim to focus on daily.   

Not only is this relevant for parents, but also carers who dedicate a lot of time and energy looking after others.

A snapshot of Dr Christie's tips:

1. Don't forget to look after yourself.

Whilst this can be difficult with so many different demands on our time, it is essential to avoid burn out. Ensure you are eating healthily and regularly, keep hydrated and aim to do one thing a day that helps you to unwind and relax. Whether that is taking a long bath, exercising to release those endorphins or getting out in to nature every day.

2. Prioritise your sleep, aim for 7-9 hours a night.

Sleep deprivation is detrimental to both mental and physical health. From low mood to craving sugary food and lacking energy to exercise it can become a vicious cycle. If you do have interrupted sleep try to fit in a nap or get in to bed as early as possible to fit in those much needed zz's

3. Drop the guilt

This is something many parents experience. Do not feel guilty for looking after yourself, you cannot give from an empty cup. This is a non negotiable. Don't feel guilty to say no to things, we cannot do everything. Ask for help to lighten the load. 

4. Smile and have fun

Try to ignore the daily chores, and spend time having fun. It helps to release endorphins which makes us feel more relaxed


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